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Wednesday , 23 April 2014
  • Americans, Canadians share growing faith in real estate

    Americans, Canadians share growing faith in real estate

    Canadians and Americans have much in common, and a few big differences. One of the commonalities has always been the dream of home ownership. Two recent polls, one by RBC in this country, the other by Gallup in the US, show that that faith in real estate remains high. Though the two polls took slightly different approaches to the subject—the RBC survey wanted to know if Canadians planned to buy a home in the next two years, while the Gallup poll asked the broader question of what would be the best option for long-term investment—they show that a positive view of real estate has been growing in both countries. Asked to pick the best investment option from a list of five—gold, equities, real estate, savings accounts, bonds—30 per cent of Americans said that real estate was the best investment choice, though the percentage is higher (38 per cent) among those ... Read More »
  • Tridel’s B.O.L.T. program holds annual Casino Night fundraiser

    Tridel’s B.O.L.T. program holds annual Casino Night fundraiser

    In 2009, Canada’s pre-eminent condominium builder, Tridel, launched a new initiative to address a problem the developer perceived to be affecting the construction industry. That problem was, and is, a shortage of skilled trades people, and it is at least partly the result of lack of awareness and learning opportunities for young people. The need to inspire a new generation of trades people and certified trades professionals was the impetus that moved Tridel to take action. In partnership with the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto and the Children’s Aid Foundation, Tridel began B.O.L.T. (Building Opportunities for Life Today) and in 2013 it was established as a charitable foundation. It has expanded its reach through partnerships with educational and industry groups, including George Brown College, Humber College, Centennial College and the Toronto District School Board Construction Trades Exploration Program. The goals of B.O.L.T. are simple: create awareness of the many excellent ... Read More »

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