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Friday , 1 August 2014
  • Zillow swallows Trulia to create giant online real estate service

    Zillow swallows Trulia to create giant online real estate service

    Online real estate giant Zillow announced today that it has acquired its only serious rival, Trulia, for $3.5 billion in an all-stock transaction. The two US companies will continue to operate under their respective brand names, and together will convincingly dominate the online real estate market in the United States. Zillow, with information on 110 million homes in the US, reported 83 million unique users in June. Trulia reported 54 million users in the same month. Zillow says that the two brands have limited customer overlap; approximately two-thirds of its users do not use Trulia, while half of Trulia’s visitors do not use Zillow. Describing themselves as “primarily media companies,” both Zillow and Trulia generate most of their revenue through advertising sales to real estate professionals. That revenue has plenty of room to grow, however. At present, the two companies’ revenue represents just 4 per cent of the estimated $12 ... Read More »
  • Building green makes sense on so many levels

    Building green makes sense on so many levels

    If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it must be that more green space in the city is a good thing. The ecological, environmental, economic and cultural benefits of urban green space are too numerous to list here, but the most obvious social benefits bear repeating: parks and public green spaces, no matter how small, provide places for people to meet, play, rest, be silent or gregarious, think, take part in their community life and just enjoy. A recently completed seventeen-year study of 5.000 households in Britain found that living near green space in a city was good for people’s mental and physical health. Other studies have shown that greener neighbourhoods are safer, and that property values tend to be higher than in neighbourhoods that lack trees and parks. It’s safe to say that without parks, cities would be, quite simply, unlivable. Luckily for Torontonians the city has ... Read More »

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