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Sunday , 26 April 2015
  • Avoid mortgage insurance increase with 10 per cent down payment

    Avoid mortgage insurance increase with 10 per cent down payment

    Few people would silently accept an overnight 15 per cent hike in charges for their phone bill, say, or their electricity bill, or just about anything else. A rate increase that large, even if it did not apply to one’s present account, would still be considered excessive and unacceptable. But Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, followed soon after by Genworth, the largest private mortgage lender in Canada, announced such an increase, to take effect June 1. Any new home buyer with a down payment of less than 10 per cent of the value of the home, will pay more for mandatory mortgage insurance. Those with bigger down payments or existing mortgages won’t be affected. Seeking to minimize the importance of the increase for new borrowers, CMHC said it will mean an increase of “approximately $5” to their monthly mortgage payment, unless they choose to pay the entire amount in one ... Read More »
  • Bowery Project takes urban agriculture to the street

    Bowery Project takes urban agriculture to the street

    We live in a mobile age, the age of the pop-up. Everyone is hyper-connected with everyone else electronically, and we demand the ability to do everything mobile. We pay bills, shop, chat, text, Skype. snap, sext, blog, game, read, listen, watch, remotely control home appliances and generally live in a state of perpetual mobility. But gardening? Mobile gardening, it turns out, is not as oxymoronic a concept as it sounds at first. Basically, all plants need is soil, water and light, and those simple needs can be met just as well in a milk crate on a vacant city lot as in a picturesque garden plot on a sprawling country estate. That simple reality, and a desire to “bring the farm back to the city,” led two Toronto women to create the Bowery Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to turn useless vacant city lots into productive hubs of ... Read More »

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