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Wednesday , 8 July 2015

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Features on the downtown scene, events and urban living.

Ignoring board’s orders costs recalcitrant condo owner thousands

When a person chooses to live in a condominium, he accepts certain conditions and restrictions on his lifestyle that would not necessarily apply if he lived in, say, a cave. Living in a community of one’s fellows has many benefits, and a few responsibilities. A condo owner cannot ignore legitimate requests from his board, or others, pertaining to the proper maintenance of his unit. If he does, he could find himself telling it to the judge. A case in point is that of the Ottawa condo owner whose unit became infested with bed bugs. Not only was it deemed a health hazard because of the bed bugs, but it was ... Read More »

When the view from your new home isn’t what you expected

There’s a lot of very good advice out there for people considering buying a pre-construction condominium, whether for their own use or as an investment. Some of the tips have to do with the process itself, intended to inform first-time buyers of the several different stages, from the day of purchase to move-in day and beyond. All very important. Other tips focus on the finances of a condo purchase, with information about mortgages, insurance, property taxes, condo fees, and all the usual closing costs associated with any real estate transaction. Again, all very important, especially for those who have never done it before. Then there is the question of the ... Read More »

Bank, accountants group warn of “expense creep” this summer

Imagine attending a summer barbeque and pool party where all the guests were bankers and chartered accountants. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of laughs? Maybe not everyone’s idea of a fun crowd. For some reason, both groups—the bankers represented by CIBC, the CAs by their new professional group Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA)—just conducted surveys of Canadians’ plans for summer vacations and other pleasures this season. It seems the professional money people are concerned about how much money we spend. No explanation as to why they are so concerned, other than a general anti-frivolity attitude among the professional money people, but we can assume they don’t throw their money ... Read More »

Condo shooting raises question of security

A woman who lives in a downtown condominium building where two men were killed last weekend told a TV news reporter that security in the building was lax. The entrance doors, both front and back, were always open, she said. Anyone could just walk up and open the doors. She seemed to be making a connection between the killing and the open doors, though that connection doesn’t necessarily hold up; the suspects in the killing are thought to have been party guests in the condo where the shooting took place. The fact that two people were killed in the building will not make residents feel more secure, whether the shooters ... Read More »

E-signatures on real estate documents acceptable July 1

As of Wednesday, July 1, it will be legal in Ontario to sign a purchase of sale agreement for real estate property electronically. Purchasers and vendors will be able to make offers and carry out any back-and-forth amendments without the need for copying and faxing hard copies of the documents. The “cumbersome process” of making a paper-based offer, counter-offer, counter-counter-offer, and so on, will be simplified. Now any changes to an offer can be done on the real estate agent or client’s tablet or laptop, duly initialed electronically by means of an application such as DocuSign, and sent through the ether. The Ontario Real Estate Association called the change “great ... Read More »

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