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Thursday , 3 September 2015

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Features on the downtown scene, events and urban living.

An expert explains personal training for condo dwellers

We’ve all read or watched the stories on the news: many people these days do not get enough exercise. Combined with poor diet choices, our sedentary lifestyle increases our risk for heart disease and other chronic ailments. Experts tell us again and again that just thirty minutes of moderate exercise three times a week is all we need to do to keep fit. Yet even that can seem too much for people who are busy and constantly on the go. Who has time to go to the gym? Personal trainer and fitness expert Mike Tangreda knows that finding time for a gym session three or four times a week can ... Read More »

Architects’ questions on design, sustainability for federal candidates

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), which advocates for excellence in the built environment, would like to see architecture and urban design addressed by candidates in the current federal election campaign. According to RAIC, the way we plan, design, build and integrate our buildings and infrastructure has a “significant impact” on quality of life, the economy and the environment. The federal government, as the largest owner of land and buildings in the country, has an obligation to set “the highest standards” of excellence and environmental sustainability. That obligation encompasses giving Canadians value for their money, as well as positioning Canada as an international leader. All parties have made promises ... Read More »

Great neighbourhoods are inclusive, diverse, interesting

Torontonians like to think of their city as one of many interesting neighbourhoods. Queen Street West, for example, is considered a “great” neighbourhood, but what does that mean, in city planning terms? For one thing, it has a variety of “functional attributes” that contribute to residents’ day-to-day living: in other words, there’s a lot going on there, with a lively mix of commercial, residential and retail. As The Lonely Planet put it, this is now Toronto’s art and design heart. Queen West accommodates “multi-modal transportation,” though not in an exceptional way it must be said. Streetcars, cars, pedestrians and cyclists share the road in a somewhat uneasy dance much of ... Read More »

Something to sell? Direct mail better than email: Canada Post

A note to advertisers and marketers from Canada Post: direct mail is still the best way to persuade customers to do what you want them to do. Never mind all that digital messaging: consumers still like to hold a piece of paper in their hands, delivered to them by Canada Post, of course. We have Canada Post’s word on it. The crown corporation responsible for delivering the mail in Canada commissioned a study to measure people’s emotional responses as they interacted with digital and physical ad campaigns. The study, conducted by a “leading neuromarketing expert,” focused on ease of understanding and persuasiveness, and other essential elements of media effectiveness. Canada Post ... Read More »

Business urges bold government action on sharing economy

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is urging governments, with the province leading, to quickly come up with new ways to regulate, or “channel,” the so-called sharing economy. Popular services like Uber, Autoshare and Airbnb are here to stay. People like them. It’s up to governments to figure out how to deal with them, and the sooner the better. The OCC is recommending a comprehensive regulatory approach to the sharing economy, covering matters such as insurance, taxation and consumer safety. If Ontario were to adopt the recommendations in the OCC report Harnessing the Power of the Sharing Economy, it would be the first jurisdiction in the world to take such ... Read More »

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