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Saturday , 31 January 2015

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Consumer group targeting toxic products at discount stores

Bargain stores are great for some products, not so great for others. Everybody likes to get a bargain, after all, but there is that inescapable truth about getting what you pay for. Bargain or not, the customer still expects satisfaction. That depends somewhat on one’s budget and one’s expectations, but barring unforeseen catastrophes such as product recalls or complete failure on the first use, shoppers seem to be happy with the bargain stores. Would they be as happy if they knew that many of the products they are buying at those low low discount prices are toxic and could make them and their children sick? In the United States, according ... Read More »

Rooftop solar pays off for homeowners: study

Green features in a home not only save the owner money on energy, they also increase the value of the home. This is especially true of rooftop solar panels. New evidence shows that homebuyers are willing to pay significantly more for a home that has rooftop solar electric panels installed. In a wide-ranging study, researchers in the US looked at 22,000 home sales in eight states over fifteen years. They found that buyers would pay a premium of about $15,000 for a home with a photovoltaic system. That works out to about $4 per watt, based on an average installed system of 3.6 kilowatts capacity. As of 2014, more than ... Read More »

Ban on organic waste in garbage bins underway in Vancouver

Vancouver has taken the lead in waste recycling efforts by banning kitchen waste in regular garbage. Since January 1 it has been illegal for Vancouverites to throw food scraps and spoiled leftover food in the regular garbage for collection by the city. It must go into the green bin. The city is allowing a six-month grace period for individuals and businesses to gradually adapt to the new law and figure out how to separate food waste from regular garbage. A green bin program is already in place, but participation is no longer optional. During this period of education, which will end on July 1, no penalties will be imposed on ... Read More »

Prince Charles explains architecture, tradition, and sustainable growth

It can’t be easy being the Prince of Wales at the best of times. When the current holder of that title has a mother, the reigning Queen of England, whose longevity genes just won’t quit, the heir-apparent gig can go on for a very long time. And so it is that HRH Charles faces the prospect of not becoming king until he is in his eighties, assuming he has the same genes as his mother and grandmother. He is already the longest-running heir-in-waiting in the history of the British monarchy. Most previous monarchs died before reaching his current age of sixty-six. It is entirely understandable, therefore, that he should use ... Read More »

All-wood BC building one of world’s tallest

It is unusual to hear an architect speak in philosophical, even poetic language, not about his work per se, but about the material he uses to build it. Vancouver architect Michael Green has become a sort of apostle of the gospel of wood, touting its many benefits as the ideal construction material for today’s climate-changing world. Fittingly, his latest triumph is the Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The just-opened WIDC, designed by Green, has the honour of being among the world’s tallest all-wood structures at 29.5 metres. The eight-storey structure (including penthouse) is constructed entirely of engineered wood: cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glued laminated ... Read More »

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