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Wednesday , 1 July 2015

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WELL building standard now promoted in Canada

The shower water is infused with vitamin C to reduce chlorine, helping keep skin and hair soft and smooth. Cedar “elements” protect clothing by repelling different types of pests. Dawn simulation gently awakens guests with increasing levels of light and sound. Scents are available for mood enhancing and relaxation. An air purification system reduces allergens, toxins, smoke and microbes in the air. Bright white light suppresses melatonin and can help reduce jet lag and regulate circadian rhythm. This is just a partial list of the many features available, not at the newest trendy wellness spa or rehab centre for the rich and famous, but at the MGM Grand Hotel in ... Read More »

New evidence cleaning products pollute indoor air

The marketing message on the product label says one thing—Fresh Orange, Meadows and Rain, Summer Citrus—but the chemical formulas used to create those lovely scents say something much less healthy and appealing. You may believe that the disinfecting liquid that makes your bathroom smell like a meadow in spring rain is doing a fine job of making your bathroom clean and safe, but that clean and fresh scent you enjoy could be making you sick. The culprit: volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. A new study by the advocacy group Environmental Defence (ED) says it has clear evidence that most cleaning products available to Canadians at the supermarket, both the conventional ... Read More »

Loblaw to ban harmful ingredients from house brands

The language couldn’t be more cautious, but the message is good nonetheless. Galen Weston, president of Loblaw, said that emerging science and public opinion suggest that a “measured move away from some specific ingredients is prudent.” So, Loblaw announced that it will stop using triclosan, phthalates and micro beads in the products is sells under the brand names Life Brand® and President’s Choice®. Loblaw works with scientific advisors, said Weston, and together they have identified ingredients that may have a negative impact “on the environment or on our customers,” and they are working to remove them by the end of 2018. Of the three problematic ingredients, the statement from Loblaw ... Read More »

How to stop vampire devices from sucking your electricity (dollars)

Would you be surprised to learn that the cable TV box sitting on your television uses nearly as much power when the television is off as when it’s on? Would it shock you to learn that as much as one-third of your household’s electricity consumption is wasted? Would you be interested in saving up to $440 a year on your hydro bill? It could be as easy as taking inventory of your home’s electronic devices and appliances and making sure they are really turned off when you turn them off. Look no further than the set-top box on your television. A Los Angeles Times report claims that set-top boxes are ... Read More »

Turn off your lights: save the birds

The City of Toronto is asking residents to do what they can to help prevent migratory bird deaths this season. The migration season is in full flight until the end of May. Migrating birds tend to prefer flying at night, navigating by the light of the moon and the stars. The biggest problem for the birds is light pollution from cities, which attracts the migrating birds, disorients them, and often kills them. The most helpful thing that individuals can do, therefore, is to turn off unnecessary lights at home and at work, especially when leaving work at the end of the day. The city advises that condo and apartment dwellers ... Read More »

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