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Monday , 25 May 2015

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How to stop vampire devices from sucking your electricity (dollars)

Would you be surprised to learn that the cable TV box sitting on your television uses nearly as much power when the television is off as when it’s on? Would it shock you to learn that as much as one-third of your household’s electricity consumption is wasted? Would you be interested in saving up to $440 a year on your hydro bill? It could be as easy as taking inventory of your home’s electronic devices and appliances and making sure they are really turned off when you turn them off. Look no further than the set-top box on your television. A Los Angeles Times report claims that set-top boxes are ... Read More »

Turn off your lights: save the birds

The City of Toronto is asking residents to do what they can to help prevent migratory bird deaths this season. The migration season is in full flight until the end of May. Migrating birds tend to prefer flying at night, navigating by the light of the moon and the stars. The biggest problem for the birds is light pollution from cities, which attracts the migrating birds, disorients them, and often kills them. The most helpful thing that individuals can do, therefore, is to turn off unnecessary lights at home and at work, especially when leaving work at the end of the day. The city advises that condo and apartment dwellers ... Read More »

Built green means built smart

Tridel is a leader in the green building movement. For the sixth time since 2007, Toronto’s pre-eminent condo builder has been named Green Home Builder of the Year by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). The award recognizes builders and developers who have shown leadership in sustainable development. Tridel has delivered several thousand LEED certified condo homes in the past several years, with many new LEED projects in various stages of development. More than one-quarter of all LEED high-rise residential buildings in Ontario are from Tridel. Tridel also won the P2G award for its Aquavista at Bayside development on the waterfront. Jim Ritchie, Senior Vice President, Sales & ... Read More »

Dutch plan bladeless, live-in windmill, symbol of circular economy

A lot of people, even those who are in favour of sustainable energy, don’t want wind turbines near their homes because they claim the noise of the spinning turbine blades makes them sick and keeps them awake at night. Perhaps a new idea from the Netherlands will change their minds? Dutch researchers have come up with a way to generate electricity from the wind with no moving parts. Hence, no noise. Not only would people be able to live happily near such windmills; they would be able to live in them, which is what millers have been doing for centuries, after all. The first of these marvels of wind technology ... Read More »

An Earth Day gift from Philips: LED bulb for less than US$5

The timing of the announcement for Earth Day Eve was no doubt intentional. Philips today announced a new 60-watt-equivalent LED light bulb for consumers, priced at under $5 US. The bulb will be available at the beginning of May at Home Depot. The kick-off offer will be a two-for-one pack for the first 90 days, or while supplies last, says a statement from Philips. They are already available at Home Depot online. The bulbs’ specifications give them a lifespan of 10,000 hours, based on three hours of use per day. Stock up on these energy-savers and you may never have to buy another lightbulb, at least not the 60-watt size. ... Read More »

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