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Friday , 31 July 2015

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Smog vacuum would clean the air, create unique jewellery

Is a giant air purifier the answer to the world’s air pollution problem? Maybe not, but it makes an intriguing side story. Such interesting things come out of the Netherlands these days—the solar panel-lined roadway, the modular plastic roadway, the LED-illuminated bike path—and now there’s another to add to the list: the giant smog-sucking vacuum tower, also known as the Smog Free Tower. The designer behind it is Daan Roosengaarde of Rotterdam, who describes himself as being fascinated by “the landscape of the future.” This latest concept is simple: build enough of these vacuum towers, which work the same way as air purifiers in the home, and we can rid ... Read More »

Canada big on LEED in “crucial” year for climate change

Canada has more LEED-certified and registered buildings than any other country outside the United States. Canada heads the top-ten list of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) adopters for the second year in a row. The list highlights countries that are making “significant strides” in sustainable building design, construction and transformation, according to a release from Washington, DC. It also illustrates the ever-growing international demand for green buildings. Countries on the list are ranked according to gross square metres and numbers of LEED projects to date. Canada currently has 4,814 LEED-certified and registered projects, comprising 63.31 million square metres. The LEED standard was created by the United States Green ... Read More »

Hempcrete plus 3D printing—the newest way to build green

Hempcrete is being touted by the green movement as the ideal building material for our time. Made from a mixture of hemp fibre and lime, the material is described as lightweight yet strong, toxin free, a good insulator, impervious to mould and pests, durable, and flameproof. It is also sustainable: hemp grows quickly and requires little water. Growing and harvesting the plant sequesters carbon dioxide. The fibres used in hempcrete are the same as have been used for centuries in making rope, sails, sacks, clothing and paper products. It is stronger than cotton but grows in almost every part of North America. One acre of hemp can produce four times ... Read More »

City trees make us feel healthier and wealthier

It’s not unusual for people who live in big cities to seek refuge in parks or in the countryside outside the city. There’s a general sense that communing with nature and being among trees makes us feel better, whether it’s the fresher air, the quiet, the presence of wildlife, or just getting away from it all. So it’s good to see that this tree-related sense of well-being, which no one ever doubted, can be measured. Researchers from the University of Chicago have measured it, here, in Toronto, where we have many trees in our streets—over half a million—and, apparently, very good records of them. The Chicago researchers examined the associations ... Read More »

Wristband tells what chemicals you’re exposed to every day

A start-up in the US wants people to know what chemicals, especially the dangerous ones, they may be exposed to every day. If people realized in a personal, here-and-now kind of way that they were moving through a haze of hundreds of toxic chemicals that could put them at risk for a whole range of health problems, they would demand government action. Pregnant mothers could be more careful to avoid chemicals that could harm their unborn children, chemicals that lurk in everyday cleaners and personal care products. Workers of all kinds could avoid working with dangerous chemical compounds that they might not even realize were present. Farm workers could better ... Read More »

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