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Saturday , 7 March 2015

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Special coverage of the GTA Condominium and lifestyle scene.

Qualified support from home builders for proposed planning, development changes

Ontario’s home builders are concerned about the provincial government’s plans to raise more money for infrastructure by changing the way development charges are paid. The Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA), which last week said it looked forward to working with the government on proposed land use changes, said in a statement that proposed new “transit taxes” on development will increase housing costs for residents and add to the cost of setting up new businesses. OHBA CEO Joe Vaccaro said that “a piling on of higher taxes” to pay for infrastructure was not acceptable. Municipalities must be “accountable, transparent and fair” in how they determine the tax bill that home buyers ... Read More »

GTA new house and condo sales will aid cancer charity

Two Toronto cancer survivors have more than a bout with the dreaded disease in common. Each of them, one a woman with grown children and a successful business to her credit, the other a man whose business is celebrating twenty years this year, have been brought together because of their concern for children. Their connection will result in a sizable donation to a charitable foundation that will benefit children and their mothers. After Audrey Guth was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, she often found herself in hospital waiting rooms with other mothers and their children, awaiting treatment. It was no place for children to be, she recalled, and she ... Read More »

Milestone in waterfront development as Athletes’ Village completed

The massive redevelopment of Toronto’s waterfront reached another milestone today. The Ontario government announced that construction of the athletes’ village for this summer’s Pan Am and Parapan Am Games is now officially complete. The village, located in the West Don Lands area of the city, will be the temporary home of several thousand athletes and sports officials in July and August. After that, the village will become a mixed-use neighbourhood of condominiums and affordable rental units, shopping and parkland. The West Don Lands development is part of Waterfront Toronto’s master plan for the waterfront. It extends from Parliament Street east to the Don River, south from King Street. The decision ... Read More »

Youthification of neighbourhoods studied by Waterloo academics

Is widespread inter-generational conflict the next social problem we will have to deal with in our cities? Are cities like Toronto and Vancouver seeing the creation of ghettos of youth where older people will no longer be welcome and where they will enter at their peril? An urban geographer from Waterloo University, Markus Moos, finds a growing correlation between population density and the age of residents, with young people moving into certain city core neighbourhoods in greater numbers, while older people move out. The professor calls it “youthification,” and it is not to be confused with gentrification, which is class based and results in a higher social status for the ... Read More »

Tourism on the rise in Toronto as new records set

Tourism is a very personal thing. People travel for all sorts of different reasons. One man’s paradise is another’s hell on earth. One person loves Venice or (insert name of city or country here) and wishes he could live there forever, while the next one finds it a bore and can’t wait to get out. Ancient ruins, medieval cathedrals, castles and art galleries are among the “attractions” that make Europe the most visited region of the world, but many wouldn’t be caught dead at the Louvre or the Colosseum. There are so many other options, from hiking Central American rainforests to gambling in the Nevada desert to lounging by a ... Read More »

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