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Sunday , 21 September 2014

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Special coverage of the GTA Condominium and lifestyle scene.

Islamic museum a link between East and West

The mission of Toronto’s newest architectural and cultural treasure, the Aga Khan Museum, is to foster greater understanding and appreciation of Islam’s contributions to world civilization, and to promote tolerance and understanding among people. It’s a timely reminder, given beautiful shape, that those are the values that matter most. In his remarks at the official opening of the museum, the Aga Khan said that “the world of Islam and the Western world need to work together much more effectively at building mutual understanding, especially as these cultures interact and intermingle more actively.” As if to demonstrate this principle of cross-cultural understanding and harmony, the foundation responsible for the museum chose ... Read More »

Women Build wants “superheroes” for September campaign

Women Build is looking for this year’s gang of pink hardhat-wearing superheroes. The 2014 Women Build event will take place over twelve days beginning on Monday, September 15. This year, the expected 1,000-plus volunteers will build a total of thirty-three new homes for Habitat for Humanity families in Scarborough and Brampton. Volunteers choose a day to work and pledge to raise $500 or more. The ambitious goal is to raise $1 million for the work of Habitat for Humanity. A charitable initiative of Habitat for Humanity, Women Build is a global movement that began in 1998. Since then, tens of thousands of women volunteers around the world have come together ... Read More »

Airport authority pitches economic importance of Pearson

Which employer in Toronto has 35 million customers each year, creates direct and indirect employment for 124,000, generates $6.3 billion in employment income and $2.8 billion in taxes paid to governments? The answer, of course, is Pearson Airport, and the president of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), Howard Eng, told the Toronto Board of Trade today that the airport’s contribution to the economy is even greater than that. In fact, passenger traffic (excluding freight) at Pearson Airport was worth about $35 billion, nearly 6 per cent of the province’s entire GDP in 2012, and facilitated 227,000 jobs. That is about 1.5 times the population of Prince Edward Island and ... Read More »

Queen West very cool says Vogue, but we knew that

It must follow that if you aren’t familiar with the “hallmarks of hipness” that Vogue magazine mentions in naming Toronto’s Queen Street West the second-coolest street in the world, then you just aren’t cool. But don’t worry. Just spend a while on Queen West and you can’t help but become a little more hip. Vogue is just discovering a street that Torontonians have known and loved for generations—it was one of the first streets laid out when the first survey was done in 1793, and it has been a shopping, dining, strolling, artsy mecca almost ever since. What’s it got that makes it so cool? The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art ... Read More »

Another study pinpoints Toronto’s transportation problems

Toronto has more corporate headquarters than any other city in Canada. Many of those headquarters are in the financial services. The city has the highest concentration of financial services headquarters employees in Canada. Domestically, Toronto is the financial capital. But how can Toronto take it to the next level, continue to grow as a financial capital and become a truly global power in the financial services industry? How can it even, given increasing competition, maintain its current position? A group called the Toronto Financial Services Alliance engaged the Conference Board of Canada to look into what makes a city attractive as a destination for financial services headquarters. In general, headquarters ... Read More »

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