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Saturday , 1 November 2014

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Special coverage of the GTA Condominium and lifestyle scene.

Condo managers group to hold annual conference

Group of Multiethnic People Discussing About Management

The condominium industry in Ontario is “growing up,” as the aptly titled report from Canada’s Public Policy Forum puts it. After a lengthy review process that included province-wide public consultation, roundtable discussions, and review by panels of experts, a final set of recommendations was made to the government. A new draft of the Condominium Act is expected to be presented at this session of the legislature at Queen’s Park. Of the recommendations made, the one certain to have the greatest impact on every aspect of the condominium community, from owners to developers, will be the establishment of the Condo Office. Of particular interest is the recommendation that condo managers will ... Read More »

Realtor gets apology from RCMP after “nightmare” experience

A realtor from Ottawa who thought she was helping the RCMP in their crime fighting has now been given a public apology, five years after she was incorrectly implicated in wrongdoings pertaining to a secret commercial real estate transaction. The secret transaction in question was carried out on behalf of the RCMP. The realtor was selected by the Mounties because she was deemed to be trustworthy and the right person for the job. The commercial property the RCMP leased, using her services, was supposed to be used for an undercover operation of some kind. That was in 2009. Why are they apologizing now, five years later? It appears that the ... Read More »

Toronto one of Lonely Planet’s top ten cities for 2015

Half of the other cities on the list will no doubt send many Canadian readers searching for their atlas, or equivalent (does anyone still have an atlas?), but this is a Lonely Planet list after all. Plovdiv? Chennai? Zermatt? Valetta? El Chaltén? These are the world’s top cities for travellers in 2015? Yes, they are, and Toronto is on the list too, in tenth place (just behind Chennai, India). Perhaps there are readers in Valetta or El Chaltén looking at the same list and saying, Toronto? Lonely Planet, the world’s largest and most successful publisher of travel guides, has built its reputation on covering parts of the world that are ... Read More »

Two major art fairs to browse this weekend

For the next few days, Toronto art lovers, and those who would perhaps like to make their first purchase of a real, certified work of art, will face an embarrassment of riches. No less than two art fairs are running concurrently: the big Art Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (October 24–27) and a smaller fair, Feature Art Fair, at the Canadian Opera Company building on Front Street, just east of the St. Lawrence Market. Both fairs focus on modern and contemporary fine art, and both are showing high-quality art. Many of the galleries showing work at Art Toronto are local, but there are enough galleries from London, New ... Read More »

Falling glass not a sign of widespread failure of condo builders

When glass panels began to fall from the balconies and windows of some of Toronto’s most upscale condo buildings a few years ago—Shangri-La, Trump, Festival Tower—people who lived in those buildings were understandably upset. In some cases, residents were banned from using their own balconies while builders and city officials looked for a solution. While many were quick to shout “shoddy construction,” this particular problem turned out to have been in the glass itself. The presence of nickel sulphide impurities in the glass was identified by experts as a reason for the glass breaking and falling from the buildings. The province acted quickly to amend the provincial building code, pending ... Read More »

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