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Monday , 1 September 2014

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Special coverage of the GTA Condominium and lifestyle scene.

Condo fraud lesson: know the developer you’re dealing with

trap,  catch

A woman who invested $40,000 in the condominium development called Centrium, which was to be built at Yonge and Finch by a company called Centrust, explained the reason for the terrible predicament that she and about 150 other investors now find themselves dealing with. An immigrant to Canada, she said she thought “everything in Canada was so safe, everything like perfect, we trust them (the developers) so much.” Speaking to Global News she went on, “so we didn’t pay much attention on questioning anything.” Was she naïve? Perhaps, but so were all those other purchasers who handed over their deposit cheques, confident that they were dealing with a legitimate developer, ... Read More »

Will real estate brokerages disappear as mobile takes over?

Would you buy a home from a guy in a van parked outside a Tim Horton’s store? How about a woman on a park bench? More and more businesses, including real estate, are moving away from the permanent office. Employees in many companies are encouraged, or at least permitted, more  than ever before to work from home. The technology is already there to make it possible. We no longer need to be in an office to access most of the data we need to do our jobs, certainly not the online real estate data to be found on sites like Trulia and More than most jobs, that of the ... Read More »

Cement industry not impressed by wood proponents’ claims

The Cement Association of Canada (CAC) has taken another shot at the wood industry in Ontario, claiming that the Ontario government’s proposed building code amendments to allow the construction of mid-rise buildings made of wood will result in unsafe buildings. Taller wood buildings are not the answer to affordable housing, the CAC states in a release, and they are “simply not worth the risk.” Wood, the CAC reminds the government, is a combustible material. Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has been considering amending the building code to allow wood as a primary construction material in buildings up to six storeys tall. Wood is currently limited to buildings of ... Read More »

Except for gridlock, Toronto is most liveable city in the world

How ironic that the prestigious Economist magazine should reveal its list of the world’s 140 most and least liveable cities just as the American Public Works Association wraps up its annual convention in Toronto. It’s ironic because the one factor that kept Toronto out of the top spot on the list was infrastructure. As it is, Toronto came fourth this year, after Melbourne, Australia, Vienna, Austria and Vancouver. The difference in score between Melbourne and Toronto is just 0.3 points—they got 97.5, we got 97.2—so there’s really no difference that any ordinary mortal could detect. Toronto’s scores for stability, healthcare and education were all 100. For culture and environment the ... Read More »

Today’s parks symbols of urban vitality, prosperity

A certain well-known Toronto realtor’s opinions aside, there are actually quite a few new parks being built in the city, funded in part by the development charges builders are required to pay. In fact, this summer alone, the city has opened the spectacular new West Don Lands park called Corktown Common, a new park for the Regent Park community, a new bike park at Sunnyside, and a new public park in front of the Don Jail at Broadview and Gerrard (coming soon). Developers in Toronto are required to provide park space, or cash in lieu, as a condition of development, as specified in the Municipal Code. It is because of ... Read More »

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