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Thursday , 29 January 2015

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Special coverage of the GTA Condominium and lifestyle scene.

Does choice of bike-friendly architect signal hope for Toronto’s bike plan?

Toronto will be getting another building from famous London-based architect Norman Foster. Reports have it that he has been hired to design something for the corner of Yonge and Bloor where the old Stollery’s men’s clothing store stood for more than one hundred years. The city already has several Foster buildings, including the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Building just south of Queen’s Park, on the campus of the University of Toronto. Foster’s latest building in his home town, where he also designed the “iconic” Gherkin building, is interesting for other than purely architectural reasons. The development consists of two residential towers, containing 930 apartments, and they contain one bicycle ... Read More »

CP forms new company to develop huge real estate holdings

Canadian Pacific is getting into real estate again. The company responsible for some of Canada’s most iconic hotels—the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City (seen above), the Royal York in Toronto, the Banff Springs in Alberta, the Empress in Victoria—announced that it has teamed up with Dream in a joint venture to develop some of CP’s enormous surplus real estate holdings. The joint venture is called Dream Van Horne Properties, a reference to Sir William Cornelius Van Horne, the American-born president of CPR in the late nineteenth century. CP has undergone a “remarkable” business transformation since 2012, a press release says, and that transformation has led to the surplus real estate. ... Read More »

NYC says foam cannot be recycled, but T.O. okay with it

One way or another, what happens in New York City usually makes news outside the Big Apple. So when New York mayor Bill de Blasio announces that the city has banned polystyrene foam products, better known as Styrofoam, you can be sure to hear about it in Toronto. The New York mayor’s office said in a statement that, after consultation with numerous vendors, non-profits and other stakeholders, the city’s sanitation department had determined that Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) “cannot be recycled.” More than 100 cities in the US, including Seattle and San Francisco, have already banned the foam. This is a ban that will really have an impact, on consumers, on businesses, ... Read More »

Online realtor says January best month to buy a home

When a real estate company issues a statement in the second week of January in which it claims to have proof that January is the best month in the year to make an offer on a home, you have to wonder if it’s just trying to drum up a little business. For January, as everyone knows, is one of the two slowest months of the year for real estate sales (the other being December), at least in Toronto. May is the busiest month. Last year, May home sales were nearly three times higher than sales in January, and that trend holds, year in, year out (see TREB chart below). That, ... Read More »

Litigation over fraud, condo status certificate, took seventeen years

People who live in condominiums get to enjoy whatever amenities the community provides—fitness facilities, barbeque pits, rooftop gardens, party rooms—as well as what are called the “common elements.” These are the areas owned and shared by all the residents, such as lobbies, hallways, gardens, and parking garages: everything, in short, except the interiors of the individual units. Naturally there are regulations about what residents can and cannot do in the common elements. You have to pick up after your pet dog, for instance, after his evening walkie on the front lawn, or you will hear about it from the condo board or management. You can’t throw a party in the ... Read More »

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