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Wednesday , 2 September 2015

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Special coverage of the GTA Condominium and lifestyle scene.

Toronto’s wealthiest neighbourhoods are also Canada’s

It might be reasonable to define a wealthy neighbourhood as one in which the people who live there earn and have a lot of money and live in expensive homes. That definition is more or less true, but there are some odd anomalies, at least in Toronto’s wealthy neighbourhoods. For example, in Canada’s third wealthiest neighbourhood, as ranked by Canadian Business, the average household net worth is listed as $19,729,093, the average house price is $2,262,694, but the average annual household income is given as just $289,434. That is the Bridle Path neighbourhood of Toronto. The wealthiest neighbourhood in Toronto, and in all of Canada, is Sunnybrook. Here the average ... Read More »

Sustainability, social responsibility, Toronto Hydro style

The words “sustainable development” are so frequently used these days that we may find we’re unclear about what they actually mean. In fact, their meaning has been quite precisely defined for businesses by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the body that develops safety and quality standards for products and services of all kinds. ISO’s definition of sustainability is linked to its concept of social responsibility, and in 2010, ISO developed the world’s first standard, ISO 26000, that gives guidance to corporations on how to integrate socially responsible behaviour into the organization. A second body, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), played a major role in developing the ISO 26000 standard, and ... Read More »

Make sure it’s allowed before listing your condo on Airbnb

Imagine coming home from work one day and finding a stranger making a cup of tea in your kitchen. This is what happened to a Toronto woman last spring. The stranger was a legitimate guest who had booked a room in the woman’s condo through Airbnb. The room the guest had booked was the woman’s own bedroom. She posted a picture of the room with the stranger’s clothes lying all over the place. The room had been listed for rent, unknown to the woman, by her roommate. Aside from the incredible irresponsibility on the roommate’s part—the woman owns the condo and sublets to the roommate, who rented the room out ... Read More »

Toronto named world’s most livable city

Let’s start by admitting it doesn’t mean all that much. There are so many rankings of the world’s cities for one thing or another that being named the “best” or the “most” in any of them seems to depend as much on who is on the selection panel as anything else. However, let it be noted that Toronto has once again been named the world’s most livable city, this time by Metropolis magazine. Never mind that Toronto is not even on the top twenty-five list just released by Monocle magazine, or that Toronto is not in the top ten of Mercer’s Quality of Living list. Or that The Economist ranked ... Read More »

Deadline approaching for NXT City design competition

A young designer with degrees in urban planning and landscape architecture had the idea of transforming Yonge Street between Queen and College into a more pedestrian-friendly boulevard. In his vision, the street would have no curbs, plenty of public seating, performance spaces, more space for outdoor restaurant seating, and a unique ambiance that would distinguish it from all other streets. His idea, called Yonge Redux, was good enough to win the NXT City prize in 2014, a design competition dreamed up by urban think tank Distl and sponsored by the city. According to Toronto’s chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat, that designer’s ideas for Yonge Street are now “being advanced” through the ... Read More »

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