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Friday , 24 October 2014

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Special coverage of the GTA Condominium and lifestyle scene.

Falling glass not a sign of widespread failure of condo builders

When glass panels began to fall from the balconies and windows of some of Toronto’s most upscale condo buildings a few years ago—Shangri-La, Trump, Festival Tower—people who lived in those buildings were understandably upset. In some cases, residents were banned from using their own balconies while builders and city officials looked for a solution. While many were quick to shout “shoddy construction,” this particular problem turned out to have been in the glass itself. The presence of nickel sulphide impurities in the glass was identified by experts as a reason for the glass breaking and falling from the buildings. The province acted quickly to amend the provincial building code, pending ... Read More »

Board of Trade highlights Toronto’s widening prosperity gap

The next time you find yourself in a large Toronto crowd, at Dundas Square on a Saturday afternoon, say, or at the ACC for a Leafs game, or at any busy shopping mall, look at the people around you. Though you likely won’t be able to tell by their appearance, half of them, maybe yourself included, are working in temporary or part-time jobs that offer no benefits, and have variable hours and income. These “non-standard” jobs are different from the kind of jobs where workers earn good wages, enjoy a degree of job security, have opportunities for advancement and receive various benefits. Jobs, in short, that lead to careers. The ... Read More »

Candidates to debate land transfer tax at TREB annual meeting

The Toronto Real Estate Board is holding its annual meeting next Tuesday, less than a week before the municipal elections on October 27. It makes perfect sense that an organization whose members mediate economic activities worth many billions of dollars should want to hear what the three principal mayoralty candidates have to say about an issue of great interest to realtors: Toronto’s hated Municipal Land Transfer Tax. The three candidates will therefore participate in a debate at the TREB meeting, though it’s not clear what more they will have to say about the land transfer tax. TREB has already endorsed Doug Ford for his “commitment to phase out the Land ... Read More »

Global forum will tackle innovation, technology

If bringing together an impressive roster of speakers for a couple of days were enough to solve the problems, Canada’s poor showing in world competitiveness and innovation would be turned around.  The speakers in question will be assembling for the Toronto Global Forum,  taking place October 27–28, and the list includes at least one international superstar among many impressive speakers, Henry Kissinger. The others are heads of banks and tech companies, academics, industry analysts,  and a sprinkling of politicians. What are those problems Canada faces? In its own press release, the Toronto Global Forum leads by saying that Canada’s global competitive ranking has fallen again. The Global Competitiveness Report, put out ... Read More »

Plenty of choice for condo renters in Toronto

How much will it cost to rent a condo in downtown Toronto? What size of units are available? Where are they? These are the kinds of questions the average twenty-something renter (or any other age) most likely has as he or she looks for a place to live for the next year or five. Questions the average twenty-something renter likely does not have are, Is the condo boom over? How many residential building permits were issued in the city of Toronto in August? Will rising interest rates make home ownership less affordable in the coming year? It isn’t that those questions aren’t important in the bigger picture, for investors, say, ... Read More »

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