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Wednesday , 1 October 2014

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Amid rising prices, shifting priorities, condos still the affordable option

It can’t be easy for buyers trying to break into Toronto’s real estate market, not with prices rising as fast as they are. If you don’t find what you’re looking for this week, by next week prices will have gone up again. You don’t want to rush in and buy something just for the sake of buying, but on the other hand, how much can you realistically afford? The longer you take to search, the more you’re going to pay. The Bank of Montreal’s latest Fall Home-buying Report shows just how serious the problem is for many buyers. More than half (57 per cent) of people who are hunting for ... Read More »

Extensive amenities at new Tridel community include basketball court

The newest condo offering from Tridel, Islington Terrace, will have one of the most extensive selections of amenities anywhere in the city. Tridel has just released information about what will be available at the new community, and the list is a long one, comprising twenty-five separate items occupying 50.000 square feet of space, indoors and out. In addition to the now standard party and games rooms, rooftop lounge, barbeque area, swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool and yoga room, Islington Terrace will have its own basketball court. The basketball court will add a whole new dimension to the state-of-the-art fitness centre. As the Tridel announcement says, why join a gym when everything ... Read More »

New condos coming to historic Islington Village

Islington Village in Etobicoke is one of Toronto’s more colourful neighbourhoods, one that likes to show off its history. Since 2004, the village, whose main thoroughfare is Dundas Street, between Kipling Avenue and Montgomery Road, just east of Islington Avenue, has transformed itself into an outdoor art gallery. The Islington Village of Murals, as it calls itself, now contains twenty-six vivid, sometimes dramatic scenes of the area’s history painted on the walls of its buildings. The mural project was undertaken as a beautification initiative by the Village of Islington Business Improvement Area. The Islington Village murals, painted mostly by artist John Kuna, depict scenes from the neighbourhood’s rich past—soldiers marching ... Read More »

Building green makes sense on so many levels

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it must be that more green space in the city is a good thing. The ecological, environmental, economic and cultural benefits of urban green space are too numerous to list here, but the most obvious social benefits bear repeating: parks and public green spaces, no matter how small, provide places for people to meet, play, rest, be silent or gregarious, think, take part in their community life and just enjoy. A recently completed seventeen-year study of 5.000 households in Britain found that living near green space in a city was good for people’s mental and physical health. Other studies have shown ... Read More »

High-end and luxury condo sales up sharply in Toronto


All across Canada, but especially in the big four markets of Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, people are buying luxury homes at unprecedented rates, nowhere more than in Toronto and the GTA. Sales of luxury condominiums in the GTA were up 53 per cent in the first half of 2014 compared to last year. Toronto and area led the country in sales of homes worth more than $1 million. Even more remarkable, in the condo sector, the higher the asking price, the more likely the condo was to sell for above that price. Sotheby’s International Realty’s new report on the luxury real estate market in Canada says that in Toronto, ... Read More »

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