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Friday , 29 May 2015

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Luxury design from the world’s great hotels in online emporium

There are several things that make Discover & Deliver one of the best sites on the www for design buffs and shoppers. Whether one is looking to purchase some special object for the home—a lamp, a table, a chair—or just interested in seeing how the creations of some of the world’s top designers are adorning the hotels, villas, chalets and galleries of the world, this is the place to pay a visit. Not only can you ogle beautiful things, but you can see them in the beautiful surroundings many of them were designed for. And, if you are so inclined, you can order these items for your own home. Created ... Read More »

Swedish designer’s 3D printed Loop Chair to debut at Milan Design Week

All designers are drawn to the simple chair. We have the Eames chair, the Barcelona chair, the bucket chair and the Model 3107 by Arne Jacobsen, to name but a few. Perhaps it’s the challenge of making something extraordinary for such a basic function as sitting. There is an intimacy about chairs, of course. While they may have great visual appeal on their own, chairs are not really fulfilled until there are bums sitting in them. Whatever motivates designers, we can be sure they will never tire of creating chairs. And Markus Johansson, a young designer from Sweden, joins the club of those who have turned their creativity to the ... Read More »

Wood is good: report touts physical and psychological benefits of timber

Wood is good for you, and if you live in a city you may not be getting enough of it. A lot of people have been pushing the economic and environmental benefits of wood as a construction material—it’s strong, light, resilient and even withstands earthquakes; it’s renewable, biodegradable, recyclable and stores carbon; it’s versatile and allows designers and architects freedom to create interesting buildings; it’s cheaper than other materials and allows faster construction. All of that makes wood look pretty attractive to builders and architects. But it could be the health benefits that really tip the scales in wood’s favour. Some wood proponents are claiming that being surrounded by wood ... Read More »

Renovation and design centre nears opening, hosts Houzz event

Toronto is the biggest real estate market in Canada, and, it goes without saying, also the biggest home renovation market. Canadians spend billions every year on home renovations. TD estimated in 2013 that the average Canadian household spends $21,000 on renovations and new furnishing in the first year after buying a home. Buying all of those cabinets and countertops and lighting fixtures can be very time consuming, however, what with having to drive here and there and everywhere to find them. All of which goes to explain why Oleg Chekhter, described by some as a “retailing visionary,” came up with the idea for Improve Canada. With millions of potential customers ... Read More »

Natural light, nice views, colours make office less stressful, more creative

If you think the office where you work is ugly and soul destroying, watch the 1960 Billy Wilder multi-Oscar winning movie The Apartment. In a large New York City insurance company, an army of wage slaves toils, each drone seated at an identical desk in seemingly endless rows that stretch to infinity in a vast, fluorescent-lit, concrete-pillared hell. No window can be seen anywhere in the office. The film was shot in black and white just to make sure we experience all its colourless grimness. As Roger Ebert wrote, cubicles would have come as “revolutionary progress” in this bleak world. Obviously, fifty and more years ago offices like this were ... Read More »

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