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Sunday , 21 December 2014

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Industry awards highlight beauty, versatility of wood in construction

Ontario’s wood industry gathered this week in Toronto to celebrate the best in design and construction over the past year. The Ontario Wood Design Awards are given by the Ontario branch of the national advocacy group Wood WORKS! which promotes the use of wood in all types of construction. The Ontario Wood Award Winner this year is a small project compared to other winners, but is described as “difficult” with many demands having  had to be met in order to bring it off. Called “Grotto,” it is a privately owned sauna built on a “remote” island near San Souci, Ontario. Wood is a natural choice for a sauna, and this ... Read More »

Sliding multi-purpose units transform small Madrid apartment

There are many creative ways to make living space appear larger and to give it more functionality. Clever decor and some well-chosen multi-purpose furniture can go a long way to giving a space greater flexibility and livability. Designers often advise those who live in smaller spaces to use smaller furniture, and less of it. Mirrors are good for creating the illusion of more space. And in some cases, as in this intriguing concept from a Spanish architectural firm, the living space is literally transformed into different configurations, with very little effort, judging by appearances. Called the All I Own House, the design, which was constructed in an actual single-story house ... Read More »

Liebherr refrigerator named best for condos

Well-known Liebherr refrigerators and other appliances have won many awards for excellence, design and innovation. One distinction that could be of particular interest to condo owners is the latest: the Liebherr CS 1360 24-inch refrigerator and freezer tower was named Best Apartment Refrigerator of 2014 by In a statement about the honour, Liebherr says that the refrigerator fits the need for “compact refrigeration” in urban areas such as condos, while “maintaining an element of luxury.” The luxury is in the design and stainless steel finish, but more importantly, the CS 1360 has the refrigeration features to make it a smart choice. For example, its DuoCooling creates “optimal conditions” in ... Read More »

Swiss company claims breakthrough in solar panel aesthetics

Solar power solves a lot of problems. Solar panels produce electricity without producing pollution, thus helping to mitigate the problem of global warming. Since global warming is projected to cost the world trillions of dollars in the coming decades, anything that helps to abate that problem is a good thing. At the micro level, putting solar panels on the roof can save individual users lots of money. In the US, estimates range from an average of $1,000 a year to more than three times as much in Hawaii. Solar power makes buildings greener, more sustainable, less grid-dependent. The benefits are numerous indeed. Unfortunately, solar panels look terrible, and they aren’t ... Read More »

Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year a natural green

Selecting and announcing a colour of the year is a great marketing tactic and Benjamin Moore, the paint company, has announced its colour for 2015: Guilford Green (HC-116). Announcing in October gives the Moore people several weeks’ lead over Pantone, which usually announces its colour of the year in December (Remember 2014’s “Radiant Orchid”?). The Moore colour, Guilford Green, has been given the tagline “a neutral that’s a natural.” Benjamin Moore’s creative director Ellen O’Neill said in a press release that they chose it because “it can be the hero or the highlight” in any room, providing a “perfect thread to connect nature, spaces and interiors with colour schemes that ... Read More »

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