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Saturday , 1 November 2014

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Exhibit explores power of powerful women’s fashion

Zaha Hadid, arguably the most powerful woman in the world of architecture, is everywhere. The London-based Pritzker Prize-winning architect has projects on the go in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, 950 in all, in 55 countries. She’s designing luxury hotels in China, a genocide memorial museum in Cambodia, an aquatics centre in London. Nor does she confine herself to buildings. She has recently designed a line of luxury yachts, numerous items of furniture, even apparel. She is, as the curator of a new show in London put it, a “force for originality.” Fitting, therefore, that she should be involved in this particular show, about to open at London’s Design Museum. ... Read More »

Dutch artist’s “smart highway” glows in the dark

How would the world look if commonplace elements like roads and highways were designed by artists rather than by engineers? A glimpse can be seen in the work of internationally renowned Dutch artist and inventor Daan Roosegaarde whose Smart Highway in the Netherlands has recently been tested. The glow-in-the-dark road is the first section of what could eventually be a much larger project. Photo-luminescent paint absorbs solar energy by day and releases it as light at night, making the highway more visible and therefore safer for drivers. “The landscape becomes an experience of light and information,” the artist’s studio says. “As a result this increases visibility and safety.” Beyond the ... Read More »

Toronto designer’s flower chair wins NYC competition

Congratulations to Toronto designer Andrew Jones. His entry in a New York City chair competition has been selected from the 679 entries submitted. Jones’s winning chairs will be placed in a waterfront park in Manhattan known as Battery Park. The prize is $10,000 and the creation of 300 of the chairs. According to the New York Times, the park, which is operated by the non-profit Battery Conservancy, wanted a chair with “fabulous design” because one of the group’s goals is to foster “aesthetic literacy.” The competition was announced in 2012 and drew 679 entries from fifteen countries. The Times reports that once a short list of five finalists had been ... Read More »

Animal chairs from Maximo Riera continue to amaze

Looking for a piece of furniture that’s really different, something you can be pretty sure no one—but no one—else will have among your circle of friends? Have you considered a “sculptural seating entity” designed by Spanish artist, sculptor, poet and designer Maximo Riera? He is most famous for his series of animal chairs, and there is no getting around it: they are peculiar. Some would say hideous, but that’s a matter of taste. It’s safe to say that where these creations are concerned, context is all. They probably wouldn’t do at all in a room that’s otherwise filled with conventional furnishings—or would they? Riera says that he chose to design ... Read More »

Personal “thermal bubbles” could replace central heating, says visionary

Using a remotely controlled thermostat, we can already control the heat in our personal environments, i.e., our homes, over time. With a device like the Nest thermostat, for example, we can program the home temperature to rise to 20 degrees at 5 PM on Thursdays, and drop to 15 degrees at 9 AM on Saturdays. But what if we could control heat in our personal space as well as in time? This is the thinking of Italian architect and visionary Carlo Ratti, who has become known for his highly innovative ideas about smart technology and responsive architecture. At his Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senseable City Lab, Ratti designed a system ... Read More »

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