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Tuesday , 1 September 2015

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Interior design tips, trends, how-tos and features.

New Zealanders consider a new national flag

New Zealand is looking for a new flag. The current flag has a Union Jack in the upper left quadrant and four stars on a blue background. It has been in use since 1869. It looks much like other flags of former British colonies. It is almost indistinguishable from the flag of Australia. A government panel put together for the purpose received and reviewed more than ten thousand design submissions from New Zealanders. The panel has now created a short list of forty, from which four will be selected and put to a public vote. The panel says that a “great flag” should be distinctive and so simple it can ... Read More »

Principles of home design that are always in fashion

Having a home of one’s own is a dream for many people. Whether that home be humble or grand, the important thing is that it is home, however we may define that concept. One thing is certain; “a house is not a home.” Designer Stella Salvador shares several guiding principles concerning how to ensure that the impersonal space between four walls becomes a personalized home. The home must fit our life, not the opposite The space we currently call home, or one that we are about to if we are intending to move, may not be ideal as is. Can it be made so? The answer may depend on how a ... Read More »

World’s first 3D printed office building set for Dubai

It sounds so simple. The parts required to print a building are: a template, in the form of a CAD drawing, customizable as needed; a 3D printer, with dimensions 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide, and 132 feet long; and special formula ink, consisting of sand, concrete, glass fibre and “Crazy Magic Stone.” That all-important “ink” hardens to a wind- and earthquake-resistant hardness that is flexible, light, self-insulating and locally available. This is the recipe according to WinSun, the Chinese firm that is currently one of the world’s leading builders of 3D printed houses. It can print a basic little house, without wiring or plumbing, in less than a day. WinSun ... Read More »

Breakthrough “organs-on-chips” named best design of 2015 in London

The London Design Museum gave its top honour, Design of the Year 2015, to polymer micro-devices known as “organs-on-chips.” Created by two Harvard University scientists, the devices can be lined with human cells from various organs and mimic the structures and functions of those organs. They are intended to be used for testing drugs, cosmetics and for treating infections and other diseases. Their use could end the controversial practice of using lab animals for drug testing. It may seem an odd choice for a design award, particularly since few people outside of medical labs will ever see one of the devices. Yet the organs-on-chips design beat out short-listed contenders like ... Read More »

Inexpensive ways to work out while working

Integrating fitness-promoting activities into the work day is the aim of the standing desk movement. With more and more medical people warning that a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy, a lot of workers with desk jobs are looking for ways to change their daily routine to avoid sitting for hours at a time. One company has created a line of ingenious fitness products that address this concern. They are ingenious because they work with things you already have—your bicycle and your desk. There is also an original piece that combines the two. The FitDesk PedalDesk (also referred to as Bike Desk) is a lightweight folding exercise bike with a sliding desk ... Read More »

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