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Thursday , 31 July 2014

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Do condo dwellers have a better shot at keeping fit?

The majority of Canadians consider themselves fairly healthy. They think this because they eat homemade meals, including fruit and vegetables, at least once a day, according to new research by the marketing intelligence firm Mintel. The perception of being healthy varies with different age groups, demographics, sex and income, but most think their lifestyle is pretty healthy. Two-thirds say they find the time to exercise at least once a week, while about 20 per cent do so once a day. The research was done with marketing possibilities in mind. A “lifestyle analyst” at Mintel, Jason Praw, said in the release about this research that marketers and sports-related organizations could take ... Read More »

Building industry a major driver of GTA economy


The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) has released a series of fact sheets outlining the economics of the building and renovating industries in the GTA. BILD’s reason for releasing the material is educational, said president and CEO Bryan Tuckey. “From building homes and businesses that people can afford, to creating thousands of jobs in construction and related fields, these booklets will help educate people on the economic impact of our industry.” We learn that the home building industry was worth $22.6 billion to the GTA economy in 2013, with 34,719 new homes built, supporting 207,400 jobs with $9.7 billion paid in wages. Professional renovation contributed a further $13 ... Read More »

Toronto among world’s wealthiest cities

So Toronto has made it onto another one of those top twenty this or that lists, this one ranking the top twenty cities in the world by the number of millionaires who live there. Toronto ranks fifteenth out of twenty, which puts it ahead of Venice, Brussels, Houston, San Francisco and Paris. (Surprisingly, Dublin has more millionaires than Toronto.) Toronto is the only Canadian city on the list. The list was compiled by Spear’s magazine with Wealthinsight consultants. Most of the cities on the list are in the same general range: Paris at number twenty has 2.04 per cent millionaires, while New York, at number four, has a little more ... Read More »

Zillow swallows Trulia to create giant online real estate service

Online real estate giant Zillow announced today that it has acquired its only serious rival, Trulia, for $3.5 billion in an all-stock transaction. The two US companies will continue to operate under their respective brand names, and together will convincingly dominate the online real estate market in the United States. Zillow, with information on 110 million homes in the US, reported 83 million unique users in June. Trulia reported 54 million users in the same month. Zillow says that the two brands have limited customer overlap; approximately two-thirds of its users do not use Trulia, while half of Trulia’s visitors do not use Zillow. Describing themselves as “primarily media companies,” ... Read More »

No Supreme Court ruling on TREB privacy dispute

The Toronto Real Estate Board has hit another wall in its battle with the Competition Bureau, but says it will continue to fight. The Competition Bureau says consumers are closer to enjoying a more competitive real estate market. Both sides say they will continue to fight. What are they fighting about? In 2011, the Competition Bureau accused TREB of anti-competitive practices. The complaint centred around TREB’s refusal to make accessible certain information concerning home sales. One of the main pieces of information that TREB refuses to divulge, except between a realtor and his or her client, is the selling history of the home, including price. TREB claims that in withholding that information ... Read More »

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