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Saturday , 25 October 2014

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Feel better, save money—just get up and move!

We’re a nation of couch potatoes. We drive to work, where we sit at desks all day, drive back home. where we sit down for dinner, then sit in front of the television or computer for the evening. Then we go to bed. Because of this lifestyle, most of us are at risk of developing debilitating chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and hypertension, as well as heart disease and cancer. We could prevent this from happening, and save the health care system billions of dollars, if we just got up and moved a little more, says a new report. We have heard this before, of course. In the last ... Read More »

Two major art fairs to browse this weekend

For the next few days, Toronto art lovers, and those who would perhaps like to make their first purchase of a real, certified work of art, will face an embarrassment of riches. No less than two art fairs are running concurrently: the big Art Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (October 24–27) and a smaller fair, Feature Art Fair, at the Canadian Opera Company building on Front Street, just east of the St. Lawrence Market. Both fairs focus on modern and contemporary fine art, and both are showing high-quality art. Many of the galleries showing work at Art Toronto are local, but there are enough galleries from London, New ... Read More »

Builders make strong showing for Canada in green economy study

Canada has got itself into a bit of a quandary where the green economy is concerned. In order for any country to transition to a green economy, there must be significant private and public investment. That investment won’t happen unless national leadership promotes the value of the transition in the first place. In Canada, it turns out, the green economy is “quite strong” in terms of overall performance, but “near the bottom” when measured for Leadership and Climate Change. This is the finding of the fourth edition of the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), published by the US consultancy Dual Citizen. The study finds that Canada’s head of state, media ... Read More »

No signs of bubble in Canada’s housing market: report

A just-released report on the new home market in Canada seeks to put to rest any worries that the market is either being overbuilt or overvalued. Ben Myers, SVP Market Research and Analytics at Fortress Real Developments, states categorically, “There is no bubble in the Canadian housing market.” Myers’ report, The Market Manuscript, looks at several major markets across Canada, including Toronto. Myers has also created a short video presentation to explain his position about the absence of a housing bubble. Defining a bubble as rapid increases in valuations of real property until they become unsustainable and then decline, he puts out a simple argument. Based on Statistics Canada’s New ... Read More »

Falling glass not a sign of widespread failure of condo builders

When glass panels began to fall from the balconies and windows of some of Toronto’s most upscale condo buildings a few years ago—Shangri-La, Trump, Festival Tower—people who lived in those buildings were understandably upset. In some cases, residents were banned from using their own balconies while builders and city officials looked for a solution. While many were quick to shout “shoddy construction,” this particular problem turned out to have been in the glass itself. The presence of nickel sulphide impurities in the glass was identified by experts as a reason for the glass breaking and falling from the buildings. The province acted quickly to amend the provincial building code, pending ... Read More »

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