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Friday , 3 July 2015

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Five Pan Am facilities earn LEED certification

With the Toronto Pan Am/Parapan Am Games still a few days off, there’s no way of knowing what records will be set and broken, what new athletic stars born. We do know a little more about the physical legacy the games will leave, however. The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) announced that five of the new sports facilities built for the games have been given LEED green building certification. The newly certified LEED buildings have been designed with state-of-the-art sustainability measures including green roofs, waste diversion, the use of geothermal energy, and rainwater irrigation. Improving indoor air quality through sustainability measures was one major concern. Another was the need to ... Read More »

Bank, accountants group warn of “expense creep” this summer

Imagine attending a summer barbeque and pool party where all the guests were bankers and chartered accountants. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of laughs? Maybe not everyone’s idea of a fun crowd. For some reason, both groups—the bankers represented by CIBC, the CAs by their new professional group Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA)—just conducted surveys of Canadians’ plans for summer vacations and other pleasures this season. It seems the professional money people are concerned about how much money we spend. No explanation as to why they are so concerned, other than a general anti-frivolity attitude among the professional money people, but we can assume they don’t throw their money ... Read More »

World’s first 3D printed office building set for Dubai

It sounds so simple. The parts required to print a building are: a template, in the form of a CAD drawing, customizable as needed; a 3D printer, with dimensions 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide, and 132 feet long; and special formula ink, consisting of sand, concrete, glass fibre and “Crazy Magic Stone.” That all-important “ink” hardens to a wind- and earthquake-resistant hardness that is flexible, light, self-insulating and locally available. This is the recipe according to WinSun, the Chinese firm that is currently one of the world’s leading builders of 3D printed houses. It can print a basic little house, without wiring or plumbing, in less than a day. WinSun ... Read More »

WELL building standard now promoted in Canada

The shower water is infused with vitamin C to reduce chlorine, helping keep skin and hair soft and smooth. Cedar “elements” protect clothing by repelling different types of pests. Dawn simulation gently awakens guests with increasing levels of light and sound. Scents are available for mood enhancing and relaxation. An air purification system reduces allergens, toxins, smoke and microbes in the air. Bright white light suppresses melatonin and can help reduce jet lag and regulate circadian rhythm. This is just a partial list of the many features available, not at the newest trendy wellness spa or rehab centre for the rich and famous, but at the MGM Grand Hotel in ... Read More »

Condo shooting raises question of security

A woman who lives in a downtown condominium building where two men were killed last weekend told a TV news reporter that security in the building was lax. The entrance doors, both front and back, were always open, she said. Anyone could just walk up and open the doors. She seemed to be making a connection between the killing and the open doors, though that connection doesn’t necessarily hold up; the suspects in the killing are thought to have been party guests in the condo where the shooting took place. The fact that two people were killed in the building will not make residents feel more secure, whether the shooters ... Read More »

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