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Friday , 31 October 2014

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Canadians not well prepared for emergencies: CIBC

Sometimes bad things happen quite unexpectedly. We usually call them emergencies, and they happen to everyone at one time or another. Whatever their nature, they usually have one thing in common: most often they require money to fix them. Almost half of Canadians experienced one last year and had to either borrow money or use their savings to cover the unplanned costs. The fact that most of the people (74 per cent) who were faced with an emergency didn’t have enough money on hand to deal with it is not especially surprising. When you’re paying a mortgage, supporting children, paying for a car, buying groceries, just starting out in a ... Read More »

Condo managers group to hold annual conference

Group of Multiethnic People Discussing About Management

The condominium industry in Ontario is “growing up,” as the aptly titled report from Canada’s Public Policy Forum puts it. After a lengthy review process that included province-wide public consultation, roundtable discussions, and review by panels of experts, a final set of recommendations was made to the government. A new draft of the Condominium Act is expected to be presented at this session of the legislature at Queen’s Park. Of the recommendations made, the one certain to have the greatest impact on every aspect of the condominium community, from owners to developers, will be the establishment of the Condo Office. Of particular interest is the recommendation that condo managers will ... Read More »

Realtor gets apology from RCMP after “nightmare” experience

A realtor from Ottawa who thought she was helping the RCMP in their crime fighting has now been given a public apology, five years after she was incorrectly implicated in wrongdoings pertaining to a secret commercial real estate transaction. The secret transaction in question was carried out on behalf of the RCMP. The realtor was selected by the Mounties because she was deemed to be trustworthy and the right person for the job. The commercial property the RCMP leased, using her services, was supposed to be used for an undercover operation of some kind. That was in 2009. Why are they apologizing now, five years later? It appears that the ... Read More »

Hire someone sight unseen? People do, when it comes to realtors

No one denies that when you enter the marketplace, you get what you pay for. You buy something cheap because, well, you’re cheap, and you run the risk. It falls apart, stops working, doesn’t do what it was supposed to do. But you walked into the deal with your eyes open, no one forced you to buy it, you have only yourself to blame, etc., etc., etc. Luckily, that’s not the way it is when we buy and sell real estate. Or is it? Real estate brokerage Zoocasa and Survey Sampling International did a survey and found that just half of Ontario home buyers and sellers felt confident that they ... Read More »

Exhibit explores power of powerful women’s fashion

Zaha Hadid, arguably the most powerful woman in the world of architecture, is everywhere. The London-based Pritzker Prize-winning architect has projects on the go in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, 950 in all, in 55 countries. She’s designing luxury hotels in China, a genocide memorial museum in Cambodia, an aquatics centre in London. Nor does she confine herself to buildings. She has recently designed a line of luxury yachts, numerous items of furniture, even apparel. She is, as the curator of a new show in London put it, a “force for originality.” Fitting, therefore, that she should be involved in this particular show, about to open at London’s Design Museum. ... Read More »

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